Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Flight from Chicago to Washington Dulles

Chicago O'Hare airport is always busy.  I had gotten on the plane for Washington Dulles, and the plane was being pushed away from the gate.

Taxiing to the runway.

Washington Dulles on a hot, humid day.

The silhouette of the plane on top of pine trees as we approached a runway.

This is VOR - short for VHF (very high frequency) Omnidirectional Range navigation.  It sends out signals that enable pilots to find their way accurately.

Two popular airline jets of the 1960-80 era now relegated to cargo service:  Boeing 727 in DHL color and Douglas Super-DC-8 in UPS color.
The Super-DC-8 has been re-engined with highly efficient fanjets.

The main terminal was 300 feet long when it was built; its length was doubled to 602 feet in the past 10 years.
There has always been some kind of construction going on ever since the Commonwealth of Virginia took over.

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