Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Flight from Anchorage to Chicago

United Airlines Boeing 757-200.

The Chugach mountain range can be seen from inside the terminal.

Two bears were on display in the showcases.  Brown bear on left and polar bear on right.

Brown bear.

Polar bear.

Claws of a polar bear.

Cook Inlet and the wetland, looking south.  The mouth of the Susitna River is seen at top.

Mount McKinley as seen from the plane while climbing after takeoff.  Very hazy.

Same photo as the last one, but with brightness, contrast, and color adjusted to bring out Mount McKinley.  Mount Hunter is left of Mount McKinley.

15 minutes after takeoff.  Mount Foraker, Mount Hunter, and Mount McKinley.

About 30 minutes after takeoff.  The three mountains still can be seen.

After we got above the clouds the visibility got better.  This was about 45 minutes after takeoff.  Aren't they impressive?

An icefield near the Prince William Sound.

A beautiful view of a large icefield near Prince William Sound.

Another view of the same icefield.

This is the Harvard Glacier on the Harvard Arm of the College Fjord; another glacier to right (not seen in this picture) is
the Yale Glacier of the Yale Arm of the College Fjord.  The glaciers in this region are named after the Ivy League colleges;
they were named by a team of explorers from the Ivy League colleges.

The sun was rising at Chicago at 4:45 a.m. as the plane was descending over Chicago.  The city lights could be seen through the clouds in middle.
The plane continued eastward while descending over Lake Michigan before making a U-turn and approached the O'Hare airport from east.

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