Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005


A very original welcome sign.
As you can see ripples in the puddle caused by raindrops, it is raining a bit.  Our plan to go on a sightseeing flight to Mount McKinley from
Talkeetna was cancelled on account of the weather.  We decided to go on a river boat (the kind that is powered by water jets, not by wheel paddle).

Main street in Talkeetna.

This river boat doesn't have a paddlewheel.

An abandoned eagle's nest.

We saw this eagle real close.  Beautiful, isn't it?

We stopped at this spot to look at a beaver lodge.

There used to be a lake here, and the beavers built two large lodges.

The tour guide explains what it was like then.

Two beaver lodges, one here and one over there.

The tour guide carries a shotgun as a precaution against bears.

Mount McKinley is barely visible through the clouds in the middle.

We saw a black bear; it ran about a hundred yards along the edge of the woods before disappearing in it.

Mount McKinley is becoming more visible as the clouds start to break up.

Another bald eagle sighted.

Finally saw a bald eagle flying.  Beautiful, isn't it?

Now you can see the peak of Mount McKinley.

A close-up view of Mount McKinley.  Awesome, isn't it?

Mount McKinley, rising above the clouds.  The dark mountains in front are 5,000-8,000 feet high.

He drove this boat.  Notice that there are three of everything on the dashboard, including three keys, as the boat has three engines.

End of the tour.

We had pizza in this place.  One of the customers arrived on this ATV.

Bear-proof garbage can.

This seems to be a popular spot in Talkeetna.

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