Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Flattop Mountain

Flattop Mountain.  The top of the mountain is flat like a table.  Hence, the name.

A nice view.

A nice view of the city of Anchorage and the Cook Inlet.  The Cook Inlet splits into two arms,
the Knik Arm which runs north and then to east, and the Turnagain Arm which runs to east.
In the picture we are looking southwest.

A close-up view of the city and the Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet.

Can you find two moose in the picture?  Probably not unless you have sharp eyes.  David remarked that
he could see something moving on the green field.  Using zoom lens I could see not one but two moose.  See next picture.

A close-up view of two moose.

Even a closer-up view.

Meeting familiar faces.  David and Karen Copeland, Willie Jenkins, Chris Nipper, and Andy Deuschle.

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