Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Sights around Anchorage

Steve and David and four friendly bears.

Sourdough Mining Company is an interesting restaurant.

A rustic restaurant.

Those train cars were used in a mine.  A gold mine?

This store is across the street from the Sourdough Barbeque.  An interesting place.

Anchorage is billed as a city of flowers.  You see flowers everywhere.

Two friendly wooden bears are there to welcome you.

A chocolate waterfall?  You have to see this one!

Liquid chocolate flows down from pot to pot.  A few people couldn't resist the temptation to taste liquid chocolate.

Hmmm.  Have I died and reached a chocolate heaven?

To a chocolate lover, a chocolate bar is worth more than a gold bar.

The Deuschle Family.
Marcus, Gabby, Andy, and Lydia.

Here you can taste what Alaska Wild Berry Products has to offer.

Everything in Alaska is big, including a chocolate bar!  The ultimate gift for a chocolate lover.

Yes, Anchorage is billed as a city of flowers.

Andy and I were driving when we saw this metallic bear in front of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealership.  We had to stop and look at it..

Looks like Andy and the bear got each other by throat.

Inside the dealership place we saw this beautiful piece made from a piece of the Trans-Alaskan pipeline.

A brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Wanna buy this one?


A well-known name in motorcycling.

A two-cylinder engine.

Aluminum wheels, disc brakes, rear suspension, and dual exhaust pipes.

A real friendly guy, he made us feel welcome.  He even took a picture of me on a motorcycle (see next picture).

That's me on the beautiful Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Now, where can I find $25,000 to purchase it?
There were some Harley-Davidson motorcycles worth $40,000 to $50,000.

Andy and I went to Kincaid Park in search for some moose, and we were not disappointed.  It was around 10:30 pm which
should not have been a problem, but it was also cloudy.  Hence, the long exposure that caused blurriness of the picture.

A better picture this time.

We also saw a baby moose.

Back at Sourdough Barbeque restaurant for a brunch after Sunday worship service. 
Chris Detkos is standing before a stuffed brown bear.

There were nine ceiling fans, if I remember correctly.  They all were powered by one electric motor using belts.

The Sunday buffet.  Eggs, bacon, sausage, moose meat, reindeer sausage, spare ribs, crab legs, shrimp, halibut, etc.  Really good food.

The desserts were also good.

The Kern and Deuschle Families.

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