Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Workshop Activities at Church

One day we posed outside the church building for a group picture.  I am sitting next to the biggest dog I have seen
in my life.  The dog is of the Akita breed that originated in Japan; Helen Keller was the one who introduced this breed
in the United States.  As the orange leash indicates, it is a service dog, or to be more specific, a hearing-ear dog.

The appetizers were delicious.  Especially sliced reindeer-sausage and salmon dip.

As the workshop participants pile food on their plates, Helen Rushing of Nashville tries to make a decision while her hubby Frank takes a picture.

My plate.
Clockwise from the butter cup: broiled potato, moose-sausage casserole; green beans; bear meat; roasted moose meat;
grilled moose meat; teriyaki moose meat; grilled salmon; blackened salmon; and broiled potato. 
In center: breaded halibut; and broiled halibut.

Here I am tasting the delicacies of Alaska.  The bear meat is so-so, but the moose meat and salmon are great!

This Eskimo lady in center is explaining what life is like in northern Alaska.
"... on the northern coast you gotta watch out for those aggressive polar bears ..."

These two Eskimo ladies point out the location of their hometowns in Alaska.

Michelle and Bill Adams of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mike Attebury and his daughter Marinda of Denver, Colorado.

Mount McKinley (20,320 ft) is flanked by Mount Hunter (14,573 ft) on left.  Not seen in this picture, Mount Foraker (17,400 ft) is further to left.
Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America, is located 53 miles from the city of Anchorage.  It can be seen on a clear day,
which happens 1-2 days out of a week, according to a local.  The above picture was taken at the airport park after an afternoon rain.

This lady is cooking moose-burger for the workshop participants.

Can't you taste the moose-burgers?

Andy Deuschle announces that this day is the 50th wedding anniversary of Ernestine and Hollis Maynard.

There was a cake to celebrate the occasion.
Hollis and Ernestine have dedicated their lives to the Deaf ministry.

Proudly showing the cake.

Hollis tries to smash a piece of cake in Ernestine's face but she is too smart for him.  Looks like they are still young at heart.

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