Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Flight from Seattle to Anchorage

On an evening flight from Seattle to Anchorage.  The flight took 3 hours and 42 minutes. You can see the top of a mountain range
above the clouds.  The dark area under the clouds is the sea.  The sun has gone below the horizon but not much more.

During the 30-minute descent to Anchorage we were close to the mountaintops and saw several ice fields and glaciers.  Here is one.
Black stripes are caused by rocks and boulders picked up and pulverized by the glacier.  I think this is the Harvard Glacier.

Lake George is dammed by ice and fed by melting ice of the George Glacier (partially seen at bottom).
The Knik Glacier, the glacier at top, is 28 miles long, six miles wide in some places, and over 1,000 feet deep.
The melting ice of the Knik Glacier flows to the river which runs to the Knik Arm of the Cook Inlet.

A glacier on a mountaintop.  This photo was taken around 11:15 pm during an approach to Anchorage - there was still enough light to take this picture.

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