Alaska Trip
July 9-21, 2005

Flight from Washington Dulles to Seattle

Improvements being made to the Washington Dulles main terminal including a new underground rail system to the concourses.

I believe the two tunnels in back are for the underground rail system.

The plane I flew on to Seattle, United Airlines Boeing 757-200, at Washington Dulles.  A 5-hour flight.

Improvements include a new control tower that will be twice as high as the old one.

Boeing 747-400 is still the queen of the sky.  Until the new Airbus A380 goes into service possibly next year.

Seen from the runway during a take-off.

The main terminal seen during the climb.  The lighter shade of the terminal roof indicates the original part of the terminal.
Two 150-foot sections were added to the ends of the original terminal as indicated by the darker shade.  Hot and muggy in Virginia as usual.

The British and German governments frequently have their planes on the tarmac at Dulles.
The lower left plane is the Royal Air Force Vickers VC-10; it has four rear-mounted jet engines.  A beautiful plane.
Only 57 were manufactured.  The Royal Air Force bought and converted many ex-airline VC-10s for military service.

Washington Dulles International Airport.
Many improvements have been made since Virginia took over the control of the Dulles airport from the federal government.  The main terminal is twice
as long; two large parking garages were built; Concourse A & B were built; underground people mover connects the main terminal to Concourse A & B;
a new "E" shaped terminal was built for commuter planes; and new tarmacs were added.  A new control tower and underground rail system is currently
under construction.  Future plans include demolition of Concourse C & D and construction of a new permanent concourse and two new runways.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  The city (and the state of West Virginia) used to be part of Virginia before the Civil War.  The Potomac River separates
West Virginia (top) and Maryland (bottom).  The Shenandoah river (flowing from top) meets the Potomac river here.  Virginia is not far to the left.

About to cross Lake Michigan.  The town at lower right is South Haven, MI.

Lake Oahe at Mobridge, South Dakota.

Flying the Friendly Sky of United.  The above jet flew over our path at a higher altitude and is now flying away.

The magnificent mountains of Washington, including Mount Rainer (14,411 ft) which is seen above the clouds near top center.

Lake Washington, looking south.
The top bridge is I-90 Express Lane which leads to Downtown Seattle on right (not visible in this picture).  The lower bridge
is Evergreen Point Floating Bridge.  The parallel runways of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can barely be seen near
the Puget Sound at top right, and the Boeing Aircraft Company is a short distance below the Seattle-Tacoma airport.

Evergreen Point Floating Bridge (Route 520) crosses Lake Washington.  The downtown of Bellevue is at top right.

Boeing Aircraft Company and Boeing Field-King County International Airport.
Notice Boeing 737, Boeing 727, Boeing 707, Boeing 747, and a Concorde on display.
The Concorde, in British Airways colors, was donated to the Museum of Flight by the British Airways.

The silhouette of my plane as it lands.

David and Becky Hinkley of Clifton, VA.  They were on the same plane with me.

Salmon everywhere inside the Seattle terminal.

A brass salmon was embedded in the floor inside the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

More of salmon on the floor.

A salmon with a briefcase.

A trail of salmon leads to a drinking fountain.

Jetliners with whale flippers and tails?

David and I walked with Becky to the Continental gate.  She flew Continental to Anchorage while David and I flew United.

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