2009 National Workshop

at Greensboro, North Carolina

June 28 - July 2, 2009


Rhonda and Lemuel Watson.


Nina Moore becomes a target of another camera.


Dennis Cesone and Andy Deuschle pose for a camera.


Looks like all three ladies are yakking at the same time.


Come on, eat it, it isn't poisoned.


Alex signs "I Love You."


Two guys in red shirts.


Nina and Carl Moore.


Art Roehrig sits between Fred and Monica Orr.


Robin Forsay and her son Elijah.


Brian and Jenny Baell and their little boy.


Solomon and Darrin Forshay.


Richard Smith and his wife Kelly.




The Fairfax group.


The Fairfax group.


The Fairfax group.




Jenny is definitely pregnant!


Jenny is definitely pregnant!


Jenny is definitely pregnant!




Mark Lowenstein likes to point at other people!


Friendly Avenue Church of Christ was the site of the 2009 National Deaf Workshop.


Ruth Ann, daughter of Rhonda and Lemuel Watson, and her husband.


Ruth Ann and her husband are introduced by Lemuel Watson before their talk on "His Needs, Her Needs."




Joe Kaplan gives a pumping fist.


Preachers and their wives.


Ernestine Maynard talks to Mark's wife Michelle on the netbook while Clayton McCray and Mark watch.


Ernestine talks to Mark's wife Michelle on the netbook while other people wait for their turn.


Hollis Maynard gets his turn to talk to Michelle on the netbook.  Marvelous technology today!


Steve Williams and Carl Moore pose for a camera.


Bill Sparks serves as a server.


Bill Sparks is easily distracted from his duty as a server.


Betty Sparks, also a server, brings a plate.


Lemuel Watson introduces his subcommittee chairs.


More committee members on the stage.


Committee members are identified by their green shirts.


Joe Kaplan points to Lemuel Watson as the leader of the workshop committee.


Bill and Betty Sparks, like other committee members, wear green shirts.


Preachers are humans, too.




This group came from Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Neil Ferris asks why a picture is being taken of him.


The Fairfax group.


David Hinckley.


Steve Williams.


Becky Hinckley.


Neil Ferris and Dennis Cesone.


Phillip Box and his beautiful smile.


Alex, watch out for Mark Lowenstein; he can't be trusted.


Too late, you were warned!


The Fairfax group.